What Would You Give To Get Rid of Cellulite Once and For All?

NEW Cellulite Secret Destroys “Lumpy Thighs” So that ANY Woman At ANY Age Can Visibly SEE Smoother, Leaner & Sexier Legs in Record Time

That’s right, those are the Kardashian’s, but who’s that there in the picture?! I’ll reveal how she changed my life ( and possibly yours ) but first.

“Why Do Your ….. Look so ….. “

It was like something out of the Grim’s Brother’s “little Red Riding Hood” except so much more disturbing.

I mean, who actually says that?

You wanna know…

It was what my friend’s 7-year old daughter said to me while we were on vacation.

Most children don’t really care what they say… Jenny was no exception.

They simply don’t know ( or care ) about the delicate “social contract” that most adults adhere to.

I nearly choked on my Pina Colada when she delivered that little payload!

My friend sort of laughed it off, but I couldn’t shake the feeling of horrifying embarrassment.

I was so shocked that I just stood there, released from my paralysis by a subconscious need to glance down at my thighs.
The worst part…

She was right.

My friend sort of laughed it off, but I couldn’t shake the feeling of horrifying embarrassment.

I was so shocked that I just stood there, released from my paralysis by a subconscious need to glance down at my thighs.

The worst part…

She was right.

Do you dream of slim, envy worthy thighs – Kardashian level thighs that seem to be the pinnacle of booty success?

I’m About To Share The Most Humiliating Moment of my Life, so that you don’t have to repeat it for yourself.

I really don’t want to, but if I can help you avoid this fate, then I feel a moral, spiritual, obligation to do so.

Because this embarrassingly painful, albeit urgent story, could possibly change your life forever….

What I’m about to reveal is DEEPLY personal, I only say this because I think that as women a lot of you can relate to this.

It all started when my friend invited me on a vacation. (Pre-COVID)

It was high time that I did something for myself. Besides, the allure of spending time under the sun while sipping on pina coladas and thinking about nothing, was such a seductive thought.

Also… I desperately needed some down time!

They say hindsight is 20/20, forward vision is not so good. Which is why I had no idea I would experience a moment that would prove to be the most embarrassing of my entire life.

There is hardly a day that passes that I don’t think about what other people are thinking, when revealing my legs and thighs in public.

Granted, most of it is probably in my head, but we’re programmed to fear our irrational thoughts just as much as a saber toothed tiger stalking in the woods.

The truth is that I felt frustrated and embarrassed to be wearing a bathing suit. When It came time to dress and go by the pool I was dreading every second..

But I was here, and I wouldn’t let negative thoughts prevent myself from having a good time.

They say that during times of high stress and pressure we finally realize how to really get over what’s bothering us.

Read closely because I’m about to reveal to you…

How this fight with Cellulite and (myself) led me to discover a powerful secret that would destroy the fear of my cellulite and make me live a life of confidence.

And here’s the best thing… Any woman can use it to see SMOOTHER, LEANER, more noticeably sculpted thighs.

The sun radiated at an unbelievably perfect temperature, the view was stunning, and the best part…

The waiter had just brought over the pina colada I had been yearning for!

Life was a dream.


As I was just about to take a sip…

“Why do your legs look so BIG and LUMPY?”

I was mortified, this wasn’t happening.

This wasn’t waking reality, I must have been dreaming or better yet, having a nightmare.

I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole.

How could sweet little jenny make such an insidious comment about my body?!

If at that moment there was a button I could press to eject me from that pool chair, you better believe I would have pressed it immediately.

I wish I wasn’t as bothered by that comment from a little girl. I wish I wasn’t as bothered by the fact that I had cellulite at all, but

I was.

I hate having dimply thighs. Ever since my 20s I had begun desiring smooth thighs with an intense passion. I wanted to look good, I wanted to…

Feel more confident! Kinda like this girl

But because of that comment my confidence had shot down to an all time low.

I was too afraid.

Of what people were thinking.

Of what they might be saying behind my back.

Of how I saw myself.

I continued to smile on the outside, but on the inside I felt more insecure than I’ve ever felt before..

Over the years I had tried just about everything.

Expensive lotions, dry brushing, blasting devices cupping, massage techniques, fancy laser machines that cost me $1000’s, etc.

Over the years I had tried just about everything.

Expensive lotions, dry brushing, blasting devices cupping, massage techniques, fancy laser machines that cost me $1000’s, etc.

Nothing was working.

I was just about to give up, when late one night I came across Amanda Lee’s page on social media – she’s the Kardashian’s personal trainer.

She was talking about this “anti-cellulite” scrub on Instagram that had apparently been so popular that it was promptly put into ‘SOLD OUT’ status shortly thereafter.

I had been around the block enough times to be skeptical, but since I was already scrolling I didn’t see how this could hurt.

So I started reading:

A new body scrub, designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite and smooth out skin around the booty and thigh area, is looking to be the next big thing in body sculpting.

It’s called the HerSolution Sculpting System. A 3-step system consisting of a cream, serum and scrub,


As I continued reading I found out that the cream was formulated with a unique blend of powerful ingredients that naturally reduce the appearance of cellulite and tighten skin around the buttocks and thigh area while at the same time erasing of stretch marks.

Now this got my attention! I began fantasizing about what life could be like if I didn’t have the nasty appearance of cellulite to fear from on the daily.

Tight skin and no Stretch Marks??? I was hooked.

After I came down from the high of a fantasy product that could solve my problems, I thought to myself..

But let’s be honest, marketing claims and reality don’t always match up when it comes to beauty products.

I decided to test the HerSolution Sculpting System in a somewhat scientific way…

During the entire duration of our three week HerSolution Sculpt test I did not alter my diet or change my workout routine. I did not use any other skin care products or health supplements.


I used the HerSolution 3-Step firming cream, smoothing serum and sculpting scrub as directed every morning.
Starting with the HerSolution scrub, this product feels great. You really feel the natural scrubby bits working on your skin to remove dead skin and help stimulate new skin, circulation production and the name is really appropriate as I really felt like it was sculpting me.

Then while still in the shower, I’d follow up with the HerSolution Firm , which is a Collagen Mask that you apply on wet skin all over your booty and upper thigh region.

This mask would sit for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off. What is really fascinating is that you instantly feel the skin tightening as the product sits on and after washing it off you feel the skin tightened.
Lastly after shower and after drying, I applied the HerSolution Smooth which is the Serum that works the magic on those stretch marks and uneven skin tones.


It wasn’t until later into week two after using the HerSolution Sculpting System religiously every single day that I could honestly see a difference.

But by the end of week two, I could see a substantial change in the appearance of my buttocks and thighs. Everything was definitely looking firmer and smoother. I was glowing from the inside-out.

My friend who is an aesthetician did not know I was using this regimen and actually commented on how beautiful my legs looked and asked if I had been to the spa recently. I told her it was this product I was trying and she couldn’t believe a topical product could have these kind of results.


By the time the third week rolled around, I was more than halfway through my product and my bum and thighs looked the best they have in years.

My skin is toned, my cellulite is barely noticeable, my stretch marks are almost completely faded and everything just feels plumper and tighter.

The best thing is, I now actually look forward to wearing shorts and skirts!

In short, here’s what Happened When I Tried It…

VERDICT; Is the 3-Step HerSolution Sculpting System Worth It?

Like so many women, I’ve been sucked into countless miracle pills and potions being pushed by slick sales people that are trained to pray on our insecurities.

So whenever I’m greeted by the latest, greatest miracle treatment/pill/scrub/peel/cure I assume the worst.
However, in this particular case, I was actually blown away by the quality and the feel of this product. To me it’s clear, because it just WORKED.

I’ve just completed my first month and my only regret is I didn’t order more because they’ve been backordered and now I have to wait to get my next order!

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, its name is price

All I’m going to say is this…

If you’re looking for cornerstore results, then go ahead and get a corner store product. If you want a top-shelf product that’s going to make your body look bomb and make you feel Confident and Sexy…

Well then this is it.

Here are a few others who’ve joined the band wagon.

Although the HerSolution Sculpting System is a fairly new product, there’s a ton of chatter all over the Internet from women that have tried and loved this product including some celebrities like Sarah Stage (Model, Mom, Trainer), Holly Luyah (Fashion & Beauty Expert), Devin Brugman (Swimsuit Model & Entrepreneur), Lisa D’Amato (American’s Next Top Model) and Melissa Molinaro (Artist, Wifey & Mom)

Here’s what they have to say about the cream:

Being a mother comes with some body change (stretch marks, lost of elasticity, etc.). I recently discovered @itshersolution, a 3-step sculpting system that helps sculpt, firm and smooth out trouble areas of your body. It’s made from luxe ingredients, smells amazing, and my skin has never looked better.


I’ve stepped up my gym time game lately and feeling pretty damn good about it! Does anyone else feel like a different person when they’re regularly getting in their workouts?! But, no matter how much I work out, my butt, hips and thighs are always my trouble spots. With spring break and bikini season very soon approaching, I’ve turned to @itshersolution 3-Step Booty System to help me with my stubborn fat and cellulite. The system helps me sculpt, firm and tighten that.


At home spa day w/@itshersolution. I’ve been loving their 3-Step System that tightens and smooths cellulite & stretch marks. They smell AMAZING!”


Here’s the thing.

At this moment in time, you’re probably on the fence, you’re thinking is it worth it? Should I get it?

Should I continue to waste my time looking at other products? All the while this cellulite is comfortably using your body as its very own host.

After trying the scrub, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

Today I freely walk around with thighs and a butt I only saw in my dreams.

Today I’m living my dream, whether or not you live yours, is up to you.