New Anti-Cellulite Product Used By These Celebrities Is Selling Out Everywhere…

After numerous celebrities gave it rave reviews all over social media, it took us weeks to finally get our hands on it and when we did, we were blown away by the results…

Written By: Alison Duncan

5th March 2024

A new 3-step system consisting of a specially formulated Firming Cream, Smoothing Serum and Sculpting Scrub is flying off the shelves after numerous celebrities and social media personalities started sharing their incredible results over the past few months.

We first came across this booty firming and lifting system when the Kardashian’s personal trainer, Amanda Lee revealed she uses it every single day, to combat cellulite, tighten her booty & thighs and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

And since then, it seems like not matter where we look on social media, more and more women are raving about this new product.

Is it Really Worth All The Hype?

If the fact they can’t keep the product in stock is any indication, it certainly is worth giving it a second look.

This product has managed to sell out every single month since it first came out, and it has built up a massive following on social media – from celebrities to models, beauty experts and influencers, it has created a huge buzz.

It’s called the HerSolution Sculpt System and it’s a 3-step system consisting of a cream, serum and scrub, each formulated with an unique blend of powerful ingredients that naturally reduce the appearance of cellulite and tighten skin around the buttocks and thigh area while at the same time erasing of stretch marks.

Here’s What Happened When WE Tried It…

On the HerSolution Sculpt website they say that if you used the 3-step system daily over the first 30-60 days you can expect to…

  • Increase circulation to firm & tighten
  • Reduce appearance of stretch marks & cellulite
  • Improve blemishes, discoloration & acne
  • Make skin look soft & feel smooth

But let’s be honest, I think every woman would agree that marketing claims and reality don’t always match up when it comes to beauty product.

We we decided to test the HerSolution Sculpting System in a somewhat scientific way…During the entire duration of our three week HerSolution Sculpt test I did not alter my diet or change my workout routine. I did not use any other skin care products or health supplements. 


I used the HerSolution 3-Step firming cream, smoothing serum and sculpting scrub as directed every morning.

Starting with the scrub, this product feels great. You really feel the natural scrub working on your skin to remove dead skin and help stimulate new skin, the name is really appropriate as I really felt like it was sculpting me.

Then while still in the shower, I’d follow up with the HerSolution Firm which is a Collagen Mask that you apply on wet skin all over your booty and upper thigh region. This mask would sit for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off. What is really fascinating is that you instantly feel the skin tightening as the product sits on, after washing it off you feel the skin tightened.

Lastly after shower and after drying, I applied the HerSolution Smooth which is the Serum that works the magic on those stretch marks.


It wasn’t until later in to week two after using the HerSolution Sculpting System religiously every single day that I could honestly see a difference.But by the end of week two, I could see a substantial change in the appearance of my buttocks and thighs. Everything was definitely looking firmer and smoother.

My friend who is an aesthetician did not know I was using this regimen actually commented on how beautiful my legs looked and asked if I had been to the spa recently, I told her it was this product I was trying and she couldn’t believe a topical could have these results.


By the time the third week rolled around, I was more than halfway through my product and my bum and thighs look the best they have in years.

My skin is toned, my cellulite is barely noticeable, my stretch marks are almost completely gone and everything just feels plumper and tighter.

The best thing is, I now actually look forwards to wearing shorts and skirts! 

Is the 3-Step HerSolution Sculpting System Worth It?

Like so many women, I’ve been sucked into countless miracle pills and potions being pushed by slick sales people that are trained to pray on our insecurities.

So whenever I’m greeted by the latest, greatest miracle treatment/pill/scrub/peel/cure I assume the worst.However, in this particular case, I was actually blown away by the qualit
y and the feel of this product. To me it’s clear what the hype was all about – this product just WORKS.

I’ve just completed my first month and my only regret is I didn’t order more because they’ve been backordered and now I have to wait to get more!

The company also gives a 100% money-back guarantee so you can try it for yourself without any risk.So is it worth the price tag? 

I’d say yes. It’s definitely a premium product but you get a product that actually works. What more can I say!

Who’s Already Using The HerSolution Booty System?

Although the HerSolution Booty System is a fairly new product, there’s a ton of chatter all over the Internet from women that have tried and loved this product including some celebrities like Sarah Stage (Model, Mom, Trainer), Holly Luyah (Fashion & Beauty Expert), Devin Brugman (Swimsuit Model & Entrepreneur), Lisa D’Amato (American’s Next Top Model) and Melissa Molinaro (Artist, Wifey & Mom)

HerSolution Booty System On Social Media


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