An Instagram Worthy Bottom Without Exercise? Is It Really
Possible After 30?

Is It Really Possible After 30?

As a female beauty journalist I’m paid to keep my finger on the pulse of fashion and fitness and if there’s one trend that exploded on social media over the past year it’s the infamous “Booty Pic” or “Belfie”.

If you’ve spent more than five minutes on Instagram you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about… Tight little twenty somethings showing off their perfectly sculpted peach-bottoms.

Girls amassing hundreds of thousands of followers, generating full-time incomes by simply posting selfies of their booty (also known as a “belfie”).

But what about the rest of us?

Those of us that are well north of 30 and don’t have 3+ hours a day to spend doing butt exercises and eating kale?

Is a photogenic rear end really possible or has that ship sailed?

Well after six months of research, I’ve found the answer for you…

The Cold, Hard Truth Every Woman Over 30 Needs To Know About Her Derriere…

Genetics are a fickle bitch. There are things you simply can and can’t control about your body.
You can blame your parents, the Universe, and even your local grocer. But the fact remains the same. There are just some things you don’t have control over.

On the other hand there’s a small percentage of things you are able to control, but time and willpower make it nearly impossible to do so.

Wanna know the secret to getting a rock-hard ass without putting in serious gym time???

Well it doesn’t exist so stop trying to get fit quick!

There is no miracle cream, pill or potion that is going to give it to you without putting in at least a little bit of work…

But in my quest for a middle aged bum sculpting solution I may have found the closest thing yet….

You see, when I undertook this booty-bettering research project I started by asking every woman I knew over 30 one simple question…

What’s the #1 thing you’d love to change about your bum?

And after surveying over 120+ friends and friends of friends, these are the top three answers I heard over and over and over again…

Any of those sound familiar? Well if they do, I want you to know all hope is not lost.

Instagram worthy posterior pics may still be in your future WITHOUT having to spend the next year living on a diet of kale and water while spending every waking moment at the gym.

But before I give you the secret booty sculpting shortcut that I’ve uncovered – that has allowed me to begin developing an enviable booty without selling my soul to the gym and a diet straight out of a sci fi movie…

There’s something you need to know about me…

I’m a HUGE Skeptic.

Like many of you, I’ve been sucked into countless miracle pills and potions peddled by snake oil salesmen, prying on our deepest insecurities.

So whenever I’m greeted by the latest and greatest miracle treatment pill, scrub, peel whatever, I automatically assume the worst.

And in this particular case, I probably wouldn’t have given what I’m about to reveal to you a second thought had it not come as a recommendation from a close, trusted friend.

I mean, I’d already been down the rabbit hole of miracle toning and sculpting creams and treatments. Everything I tested fell well short of their promises.

So when I was introduced to the HerSolution® Sculpting System I did not have high hopes… or really any expectations for that matter.

But like I said, it came with glowing recommendations from a close, trusted friend so I gave it a shot, and I’m glad I did…

Why The “HerSolution® Sculpting System” Is Different
(And Better!)

Over the course of many months I tried numerous different butt-in-a-bottle type products. Each one promises to give me an Instagram worthy behind. Each one left me disappointed.

And it wasn’t until I found HerSolution 3-Step Sculpting System that I understood why nothing else ever worked.

The fact is, no single product could combat cellulite AND stretch marks AND yucky, uneven skin.
Those are three entirely different issues requiring three entirely different solutions.

Remember how we said that on average these are two of the 3 most common things about our bums we’d like to improve?

I don’t know about you, but until this day I haven’t been able to find something that combats all 3 at the same time.

And that’s why the HerSolution® Sculpting System stands head and shoulders above the competition..
Instead of cutting corners, the team behind the HerSolution Sculpting System developed individual products to combat each problem separately, or together.

I’m talking about…

Who’s Already Using The HerSolution® Sculpting System?

There is chatter all over the Internet from women that have tried and loved this product including some influencers and celebrities like Sarah Stage (Model, Mom, Trainer), Holly Luyah (Fashion & Beauty Expert) and Melissa Molinaro (Artist, Wifey & Mom)

Why The “HerSolution® Sculpting System” Is Different (And Better!)

Like I said before,

The fact is, no single product could combat cellulite AND stretch marks AND yucky, uneven dull skin. Those are three entirely different issues requiring three entirely different solutions.

That’s why HerSolution is consistently getting comments like this;

“Ever since the birth of my daughter I’ve been struggling with my body. My pregnancy left me with stretch marks on my belly and cellulite on my thighs…

I thought I would never get my old body back, but that was before I found 3 Step Body Sculpting & Firming System.

I started seeing results almost immediately, and within just a few short weeks my cellulite and stretch marks started to fade like an old pair of jeans, I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks 3 Step Body Sculpting & Firming System!

Jessica Singer
San Diego, California

You’re probably thinking, something so successful isn’t going to come cheap and you’re right.

Is your butt worth more than $29.99 to you? If you said no, there are some serious life changes that need to be made.

Let me give some perspective.

Dolly Parton has her famously ballooning bosom insured for $300,000 each; former Playboy Playmate Holly Madison has had the same body part insured for a whopping $1 million.

Now although you’re probably not going to go out and doll all that cash out to insure some part of your body…

It’s definitely worth it to ask yourself.

Am I willing to pay a little extra to look toned and sculpted? As beautiful and confident as Jennifer Lopez during the superbowl halftime performance?

That kind of look isn’t for the faint of heart, and certainly not for bargain hunters!

So if you’re not willing to spend a little extra on a butt that can model beside a foriegn supercar, then there’s the metaphorical door.

This week (or until they run out of inventory again) the makers of the HerSolution® Sculpting System are letting first time customers try the entire system for 20% OFF.

f you want results and you don’t mind spending a little money to get those results, then you should click the link below before they run out of inventory.

Seriously, they can’t seem to keep this stuff on the shelf…

They’ve run out of stock a few times over the past month due to a huge spike in demand from women all over the world.

They are currently running a special offer that lets you try the entire HerSolution® Sculpting System for a massive 20% discount to first time customers.

When I spoke to the team behind these incredible products they said they’re going to be running this “First Time Customer Discount” for a very limited time.

Now, they wouldn’t give me a specific date but I’d recommend grabbing this discount soon before they either take it down or run out of inventory again.