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Our experts at are ready and waiting to answer all your questions about women's health, with advice on everything from weight loss to relationships, to the most intimate details of your sex life!

Dr. Z — Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Z Dr. Z is a naturopathic and homeopathic physician with 17 years of experience as a family practitioner.

She has a degree as a yoga teacher, a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from the University of Toronto, a naturopathic medicine degree from the Ontario College of Naturopathic Medicine and a special Fellowship designation in classical homeopathy from the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy.

Dr. Z founded the Equinox Centre for Natural Health in Newmarket, Ontario, which she operated for 11 years, building a well-known, integrated natural health care facility with eight other practitioners. She has taught at the Ontario College of Naturopathic Medicine as well as at the Homeopathic College of Canada.

Dr. Z has as strong interest in public education and has given countless seminars to the public over the years.

Kim Sarrasin — Relationship Expert

Kim Sarrasin Kim Sarrasin is a relationship coach, seminar leader and expert at educating women about how to understand men.

For over 10 years Kim has been teaching her popular signature program, "The Dating & Relating Workshop," to hundreds of individuals across Canada and the U.S.

Kim has been featured on CBC TV, is a frequent guest expert on national radio, and has written numerous articles about how women can communicate and relate better with men.

Kim's students say the biggest impact comes from her straight-forward, no-nonsense approach -- allowing women to quickly get to the bottom of what's blocking them from attracting and keeping their ideal mate.

Brenda King — Personal Trainer

Brenda King Brenda King has a master's degree in kinesiology and has spent many years teaching and coaching sports and activities including basketball, softball, volleyball, weight training, and adult fitness.

Her favorite pastimes include walking the many trails near her home in Oregon, lifting weights, and running half-marathons.

She believes in a thoughtful approach to fitness — one grounded in the latest research and designed to encourage lifelong exercise.

Adora Diana — Intimacy Coach & Sexologist

Adora Diana Adora Diana is a sexologist based out of Vancouver, Canada and a member of the American College of Sexologists.

As a facilitator and educator, she offers workshops on a variety of topics for different group sizes and demographics.

As an Intimacy Coach, she uses an individualized and humanistic approach to support each client in articulating and achieving his or her goals.

Adora Diana consciously creates a safe space for her clients so that they can feel comfortable in a setting that is open and non-judgmental.

Previously, Adora Diana has worked as an Instructor of Sensual Dance and a motivational speaker and has specialized in self-esteem and sensual confidence through embodiment and the joy of movement.

Teesha Morgan — Clinical Sexologist

Teesha Morgan Teesha Morgan, MA, ASEd, CS, is well known across the west as a highly trained and experienced Sex Therapist and Clinical Sexologist.

Her honesty, insight, and academic background have helped to transform the lives of countless men and women who have struggled to overcome their personal issues and achieve the kind of sexual satisfaction they have always dreamed of.

Through Teesha's academic and personal experiences, she has developed a philosophy that is client-centered, sex positive, and situated in the here and now.

She believes that everyone is able to overcome their personal hurdles and counter the sexually related problem that may be impeding their path to a healthy, fulfilling sex life.